Alexander Shapeev, PI

Alexander Shapeev

I have graduated from Novosibirsk State University in 2001 with Bachelor degree and in 2003 with Master degree. Then I went to Singapore and defended my PhD (National University of Singapore, 2009) on this topic of computational fluid mechanics.

After that I have changed the topic of my research to multiscale modelling and stay roughly within this field. Over the past few years my main topic was coupling atomistic and continuum models of solids; my work has been award the 2013 SIAM Outstanding Paper Prize.

Now, among other projects, I work on the very exciting topic of developing models of interatomic interaction (aka interatomic potentials) with a multidisciplinary approach that combines ideas from computational mathematics, machine learning and physics and has applications in materials science, chemistry, and biology.

You can find more info at my website, including publications.