LARSS (Laboratory of applied research Skoltech-Sberbank) works on the application of digital technologies in Industry and development of Machine Learning algorithms. Our hope is that the development of principled methods in Machine learning will push forward solutions in both theoretical and practical branches of data processing.​

The scope of our work is wide, as we serve as a proxy for connection between Sberbank and Skoltech.

In particular, we work in the fields of

  • Anomaly detection
  • Learning of representations for sequences
  • Bayesian optimization
  • Adversarial attacks for complex data

Also, our laboratory helps to push forward joint projects of Skoltech and Sberbank, in particular:

  • Professor Maxim Panov conducted a project on the application of graph neural networks to banking problems
  • Professor Gonzalo Ferrer is supervising two Sberbank employees during their PhD studies on the topic of detection of people and interaction with them and navigation in Robotics

If you are interested in joining our lab or discuss possible joint projects, please contact a.zaytsev at skoltech.ru

Links to some of our publications can be found at https://sites.skoltech.ru/larss/publications/

Our recent and future events are at page https://sites.skoltech.ru/larss/events/