Information for prospective students

Dear prospective students, please read information on this page carefully before application.

Master students (Skoltech)

In case you are interested in performing a master thesis within Skoltech NLP group please follow the instructions below:

  1. If you are a first year master student at Skoltech, please enroll to the course ‘Statistical NLP’ at Term 2 (3 credits). If you plan to apply for a master thesis under supervision of Prof. Panchenko, you have to complete this course.
  2. Select a topic for the final project within the Statistical NLP course which you would like to further develop within your Master thesis (and select a co-supervisor from the NLP group with whom you will be working later).
  3. Write to Alexander Panchenko (via email) indicating your intention to continue research as a Master thesis.

All master students are also strongly encouraged to enroll to the course ‘Neural NLP’ at Term 4 to continue their preliminary research within the scope of the final project of this course.

PhD students (Skoltech)

Please write at least one month before the application deadline to Prof. Panchenko about your intention to apply. Please attach the following information to your email:

  • CV featuring a list of publications if any.
  • The reason why you are interested doing a PhD with the Skoltech NLP group.

We strongly suggest before writing an email to carefully read some of the research papers written by Prof. Panchenko and other members of the NLP group at Skoltech to ensure that your own research interests match our interests and we have the expertise your are looking for to learn during your PhD. It would be best if in your email you mention one of the publications indicating that this is the kind of research you would like to further develop during your PhD studies.

Students from other universities

Currently, Prof. Panchenko does not supervise students outside Skoltech as a primary supervisor. However, your supervisor at your home institution (or a supervisor of the networking program with Skoltech, e.g. HSE) is welcome to contact Prof. Panchenko  via email to arrange a co-supervision of a research topic.