Welcome to the website of the Applied Information Theory Group at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

We conduct the scientist research on the border of information theory, communications and machine learning with a special focus on application of the research results in communications, including engineering and industry problems. The main research areas are as follows:

  • Deep learning in communications.
  • Coding for distributed and cloud storage systems.
  • Digital fingerprinting and identifying parent property codes.
  • Development of short LDPC and Polar codes and their applications to future 5G wireless networks.
  • Development of non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) schemes for massive Internet of Things.
  • Coding for fiber optic lines.
  • Post-quantum (code-based) cryptography.

Our group is strongly motivated to provide a high-quality research in the areas mentioned above as well as the applications in the fields of expertise of the colleagues we are working with. Among them we should essentially mention A. Barg (Full Prof., University of Maryland, USA), Yury Polyanskiy (Associate Prof., MIT), Eitan Yaakobi (Assistant Prof., Technion, Israel), Itzhak Tamo (Assistant Prof., Tel-Aviv University, Israel), coding theory and communications groups (Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd). We would be happy to extend our cooperation.

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