Victor Lempitsky

victor_lempitskyВиктор Лемпицкий

I am a lab leader at Samsung AI Center, Moscow, and an associate professor at Skoltech (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology), where I am leading the Computer Vision Group.

Preferred contact: email

Skoltech office: 256, TPOC-3 (Blue building), Nobel st. 3, Skolkovo

List of Selected Publications
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My previous affiliations:

MEDRC, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – visiting scholar
Yandex – expert in computer vision
Visual Geometry Group, University of Oxford – postdoc
Computer Vision group, Microsoft Research Cambridge – intern, then postdoc
Computer Vision Research Group, Western University – visiting PhD student
Department of Mathematics and Mechanics, Moscow State University – student, PhD student
Moscow South-West Gymnasium #1543 – high-school student