Welcome to the website of the Computer Vision Group at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech).

Our research is about designing computer systems that can extract, organize, and quantify information contained in images of various types and origin. For this purpose, we develop new machine learning techniques (deep learning in particular) and optimization techniques that are robust and flexible enough to handle and to adapt to the diversity of image data in the modern world.

11/05/2016 – Paint your own impressionist painting with our feedforward-stylization approach (also featured by the N+1 website)
24/04/2016 – A paper on deep feed-forward texture synthesis has been accepted to ICML 2016
02/03/2016 – Two papers have been accepted to CVPR 2016
22/12/2015 – A paper on ultrasound reflectivity tomography has been accepted to ISBI 2016
18/12/2015 – Check our new report on “deep” person re-identification with state-of-the-art accuracy
31/08/2015 – A paper on deep descriptors for retrieval has been accepted to ICCV 2015
26/08/2015 – An extended paper on domain adversarial deep adaptation has been accepted to JMLR
11/06/2015 – Check our new report on speeding-up ConvNets through group sparsity
05/06/2015 – Our paper on ultrasound elastography has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics and Frequency Control
01/05/2015 – Victor Lempitsky serves as an ICCV 2015 area chair
25/04/2015 – Our paper on deep domain adaptation has been accepted to ICML 2015
23/03/2015 – A paper has been accepted to the conference track of ICLR 2015
02/03/2015 – Two papers have been accepted to CVPR 2015

Joint seminar in computer vision

Our current members:
Victor Lempitsky (group leader) page
Yaroslav Ganin (PhD student) page
Daniil Kononenko (PhD student) page
Andrey Kuzmin (PhD student) page
Vadim Lebedev (PhD student) page
Andrey Shadrikov (PhD student) page
Dmitry Ulyanov (PhD student) page
Evgeniya Ustinova (PhD student) page

Affiliated member:
Artem Babenko (PhD student@MIPT, researcher at Yandex) page

Collaborating groups:
Visual Geometry Group at University of Oxford link
Research projects at Yandex link
Computational Instrumentation Group at MIT link

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