Welcome to the website of the Computer Vision Group at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech).

Our research is about designing computer systems that can extract, organize, and quantify information contained in images of various types and origin. For this purpose, we develop new machine learning techniques (deep learning in particular) and optimization techniques that are robust and flexible enough to handle and to adapt to the diversity of image data in the modern world.
Currently, most members of the team are also affiliated with Samsung AI Center. Please check publications of our members (with project links) to see what we are doing at both organizations.

Our current members :
Victor Lempitsky (group leader) page
Dmitry Ulyanov (PhD student) page
Evgeniya Ustinova (PhD student) page
Egor Burkov (PhD student)
Karim Iskakov (PhD student) page
Artem Sevastopolsky (PhD student) page
Egor Zakharov (PhD student) page
Ivan Bulygin (MS student)
Rasul Karimov (MS student)
Evgeny Kononenko (MS student)
Kirill Mazur (MS student)
Artem Shafarostov (MS student)
Valeria Strizhkova (MS student)

Past members/graduates (subsequent affiliation):
Dr. Alexander Vakhitov (Samsung AI Center)
Dr. Victor Kulikov (PicsArt)
Dr. Vadim Lebedev (Yandex)
Diana Sungatullina (InspectorCloud)
ShahRukh Athar (Stony Brook University)
Artem Filatov (Yandex)
Artur Grigorev (Samsung AI Center)
Andrey Davydov (EPFL)
Julia Molchanova (Samsung AI Center)
Natalia Pavlovskaya (Speech Technology Center)
Arsen Sagoyan (TU Cluj/Porsche Engineering)
Aliaksandra Shysheia (Samsung AI Center)
Andrew Starostin (Proscom)
Roman Trusov (XIX.ai)
Alexander Anikin (Align Technology)
Dr. Artem Babenko (Yandex)
Fedor Chervinskii (lvl5.ai)
Leonid Ekimov (Yandex)
Yaroslav Ganin (MILA, U. Montreal)
Oleg Grinchuk (VisionLabs)
Roman Klokov (INRIA)
Dr. Daniil Kononenko (startup)
Andrey Kuzmin (Qualcomm)
Anastasia Makarova (ETH Zurich)
Alexey Mastov (NVIDIA)
Andrey Rykov (Yandex self-driving project)
Andrey Shadrikov (Vocord)
Mikhail Shvets (UNC Chapel Hill)
Victor Yurchenko (Yandex self-driving project)