Victor Kulikov

Виктор Куликов

I am research scientist at Skoltech

My reseach interest are: Computer vision, Machine learning, Software architecture, Biology




About my project at Skoltech:

I’m working on problems of semantic segmentation of the living cell images. The problem of semantic segmentation is key for the analysis of cell images in multiple high-throughput studies, and is thus relevant to biomedicine and pharmacology. The goal is to develop a toolbox that would allow users to handle the sheer variety of input data (variable cell types and microscopy modalities, variability in the size of training data, different equipment and image acquisition parameters, etc.), while allowing to attain highly-accurate segmentation with little supervision. This project is focused on deep learning approaches, and emphasizes the application of deep models in the unconventional regime through the techniques of transfer learning, domain adaptation, model compression, etc.

The practical side of this project is implementation of the developed methods as an interactive toolbox that will be made publicly available.

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