eSports Emotions Dataset

download ‘Emotion and physiological dataset of CS:GO players’


Skoltech, Russia: Alexander Korotin, Anton Stepanov, Semen Abramov, Andrey Lange, Nikita Khromov, Evgeny Burnaev, Andrey Somov.
MSU, Russia: Boris. B. Velichkovsky, Maria Semenova.


Males and females with different age (19-31 years old).
Three groups of players are presented: pro’s, amateurs, newbies.
All data is anonymized, details (genger, age, player experience) about each player can be found at participants.csv

Data format

Collected data is stored in ASCII text files with comma delimiter (.csv)
First collumn has a time stamp when measurements were recorded.
Sampling period is 1/32s which is equal to 32ms and corresponds to game tickrate.

Used sensors

1. in game data (events) stored in game_events and game_events_info columns
2. keyboard presses and mouse movements are stored in key,mouse_key,mouse_dx,mouse_dy,mouse_scroll
3. ambient sensors are stored in als,env_temperature,env_co2,env_humidity,env_noise
4. emotion state is presented in emotion column and probability of each type of emotion are presented in angry,disgusted,happy,neutral,sad,scared,surprised columns
5. player heart rate (HRM belt) is stored in breast_hrm
6. physiological data are stored in ear_pulse,hand_gsr,hand_emg
7. eye-tracker data is stored in gaze_x,gaze_y columns
8. EEG rythms located at *_Alpha,*_Gamma,*_High_beta,*_Low_beta,*_Q,*_Theta columns
9. head movements can be tracked with headset IMU data headset_imu_acc_*, headset_imu_gyro_*, headset_imu_mag_* columns
10. players chair movements can be tracked with chair IMU data schair_imu_acc_*,schair_imu_gyro_*,schair_imu_mag_*

 Sensors details

1. EEG –
2. HRM – belt Garmin HRM1G
3. EMG – Grove EMG Detector
4. GSR – Grove GSR Sensor
5. pulse – PulseSensor

Date of publication

November 13, 2019.


The reported study was funded by RFBR according to the
research project No. 18-29-22077/18.