2020 MSc graduation. Congrats to our members!

Our second-year students from the Energy System Master Program defended their thesis in remote on the 18th of June.  Daniil Vankov, Soodanbek Kasymaliev, and Oluwaseun Oladimeji,  members of the PACO group, were part of the students evaluated.  They performed pretty well. Congratulations!

Additional Bonus: Oluwaseun was awarded for the Best Research Thesis in the Energy System program. Congrats!

2020MScGraduationPre-pandemic photo.

Daniil Vankov
presented his MSc thesis entitled “Data Analytics Using Low-dimensional Models for Power System Optimization.” This thesis develops in two different directions: Spatio-temporal data clustering and distributed optimization.

Soodanbek Kasymaliev presented his MSc thesis entitled “Detection of non-technical losses in electric distribution networks.” Motivated by the limitations of the network-oriented mathematical tools and latest developments in machine learning, he introduced and tested in real data a deep learning architecture that is based on the combination of the convolutional and recurrent neural network for the detection of non-technical losses.

Oluwaseun Oladimeji presented his MSc thesis entitled “Electromobility: The Value of EV Fleets Coordination.” In this thesis, a new operating model is presented for transport electrification and power grid integrated system which incorporates a set of aggregators, with a fleet of electric vehicles, with part access to the distribution grid. This model subsumes the electric vehicle routing problem and the electric distribution grid while accounting for real-life stochastic demand behavior.