Established in 2016, the CDISE Digital Agriculture group develops new technologies that address current challenges in agriculture, horticulture and natural resource management using expertise from a range of fields.

CDISE Digital Agriculture group consists of researchers from various fields so that the knowledge and the application areas covered are complementary. We developing innovative, low cost and accessible technology for industry and farmers. CDISE Digital Agriculture team uses the latest sensors and positioning technology to improve efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

Key directions of our team are:

  • monitoring and predictive modeling of soil (“digital field”).
  • monitoring, automation, and optimization of greenhouse crop production.

Skoltech has state-of-the-art soil equipment (both field and lab). We have several experiments in greenhouses of different scales going on. Our team has experience in modern machine learning/deep learning techniques and mathematical modeling and publications in top computer science conferences (CVPR, ICLR, ICML), and also in the Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors. We also have a fully autonomous mobile chemical laboratory (based on KAMAZ truck).


Our Mobile Lab