The lab is divided in two main parts:

- Power electronics lab

img_20210916_225914 Power electronics laboratory offers all of the facilities to develop low and high power analog and digital electronics. The laboratory is well equipped with modern instruments and it is open for students and researchers.  The laboratories are extensively used in power electronics and smart grid courses which combine both lectures and lab practices, so students can be ready to work in the laboratory environment. Details of the facilities are shown here.


Micro grid lab

lab_webpagecompress2 In the smart grid lab, every devices that was developed in the power electronics laboratory can tested at 0.4kV / 3 phase system. The laboratory consists on a isolated three-phase grid with several renewable energy emulators/generators, programable loads and a configurable grid. All of this assets are connected electrically and controlled through SCADA and a real time simulator (OPAL-RT 5600).  This modern device allows interacting with the grid in real time. Thus, users can create a programmable load, a generator change or any other action based on real time measurements. In other words a close-loop system can be perfomed. More details can be found here.

- Other facilities

Among other facilities of the Smartgrid lab, there are the heat and thermal exchangers lab, the high voltage lab and a thermal chamber for testing devices at different conditions.