MIT Team


Prof. Anastasios John Hart Associate Professor Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Kehang Cui Postdoctoral Associate Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Hangbo Zhao PhD student Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Bethany Lettiere PhD student Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Available Resources and Budget

MIT’s Mechanosynthesis Group has recently renovated lab space that includes three 6’ fume hoods for wet chemistry, equipment for polymer processing (replica molding, spin-coating, etc.), a humidity controlled CVD room with several custom-built systems configured for production of carbon nanomaterials (CNTs, graphene), a custom sputtering system for thin film deposition (Angstrom Nextdep) and an atomic layer deposition (ALD, Arradiance Gemstar-6) system for surface modification of thin films and nanostructures.  The lab also accommodates basic cell and bacterial culture, vibration-isolated optical tables with custom-built contact printing instruments, and darkroom areas for optical microscopy and Raman spectroscopy.  The lab has also designed and built additive manufacturing systems for direct-write photopolymerization, laser sintering/melting (under construction), and micro-scale extrusion. Several desktop 3D printers (Stratasys, Ultimaker, Formlabs) are also used in the lab for quick prototyping of components for use in experimental setups and for visualization of design concepts.  The researchers also have access to shared facilities for microfabrication and characterization, including the MIT Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL) and the Center for Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE).