Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
2015 Next Generation: Skoltech – MIT Partnership Program

Carbon nanomaterial manufacturing platforms
for interactive surfaces and smart prosthetics

Project Summary

The proposal is devoted to a research and educational collaboration between groups from MIT (Prof. John Hart, Mechanical Engineering) and Skoltech (Prof. Albert Nasibulin, Photonics and Quantum Materials). The main goal of the proposal is scalable manufacturing of carbon nanomaterials for future electronic applications. Specifically, Nasibulin and Hart wish to develop a shared platform for the science and engineering of tailored carbon nanomaterials and creation of their hybrid structures, enabling atomic-level control of key characteristics of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene such as diameter, conductivity, doping level, and chemical functionality. These characteristics will, in turn, be tailored to realize breakthrough printed flexible and stretchable electronic components for strain sensors, actuators, and transparent electrodes through scalable 3D and ink-jet printing and dry transfer technique. The unified expertise of the researchers will enable them to create novel reactors for tailored nanomaterial synthesis, hybridize the nanomaterials into uniform structures, and understand the link between the synthesis, fabrication and properties of carbon nanomaterials. The faculty, graduate students, and researchers will make extended visits to the partner institution to further the collaboration, create and develop the connections with industry, and to establish spin-off companies. The team will also propose a joint course on additive nanomanufacturing, leveraging the complementary education activities of Nasibulin and Hart, and the digital framework of the edX/MITx platform.

Significance and Potential Impact
Proposed Approach